Invitation – Upwork – JAVA – Senior – 30 questions


I am Nicolas from Upwork.

Here you have the invitation for the Senior JAVA assessment.

Please complete the assessment within the 45 minutes time limit.

And then, answer to the following questions and send them to me in an email at [email protected].

Questions to answer at the end of the assessement:

1 – was the assesment easy, regular or hard?
2 – Was it a suitable test to assess candidates in this particular technology?
3 – Does the time given to complete it was enough, too short or too long?
4 – What aspects of the technology was missing in the questions?
5 – Do think this assessment is good quality? scoring from 1 to 10 and giving me a detailed comment.
6 – what is your overal opinion about the assessments?

Thanks for your help,


P.D: As this assessment is 15 minutes longer, I will pay you 30 minutes more on completion. Thanks.