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Our vision

At Testeer we believe in empowering recruiters and make easier their work by drastically improving their recruitment process.

About Testeer

In our previous companies, we observed again and again, that IT recruitment can be a long and painful process, specially to filter the good candidates from the others.

Recruiters, don’t have usually other ways to do so, than by reading the candidate’s curriculum and make an assumption from it.

The truth is, a lots of time, it is only at the end of the recruitment process, after weeks of selecting curriculums and making interviews, that companies realize that the candidates are not so knowledgeable or experienced a they thought.

Time, energy, and ultimately money was lost in the process.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

So we decided to take action and created Testeer to solve this problem.

Our Mission

We want to empower recruiters, by helping them improving and fasten their selection process.

We created an online tool that remove manual work and the uncertainty of IT recruitment.

Recruiters don’t need anymore to rely solely on the curriculum and the claim of candidates.

Now, they can easily create assessments to test their real knowledge, spot the best ones and select them for the next step of the recruitment process.

It eliminate all the guess work and the time lost in selecting candidates by reading all the curriculum one by one.

From now on, you have a tool that will improve your selecting capabilities and give you better results.

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