Speed up
your technical recruitment
and selection process

Select the best candidates for your IT positions

Testeer helps you save time, money, and foster diversity, during your hiring process.

Identify good candidates easily

Easily see which of the candidates are the most technically knowledgeable and select them for further recruitment process.

Improve your selection process

Stop spending ages going through a list of CVs. Create an assessment for each new position, send an invitation to all the candidates, see the results.

Remove guesswork, save time

Testeer offers you an easy, quick and reliable way to select the best candidates without reliaying only on what they write in their CV.








Monitor your activity at a glance

From your dashboard homepage, you can monitor all your activity: assessment created, completion rate, main technologies used and more…

We are always adding more usefull charts to make your life easier as an IT recruiter.

Test your candidates in 4 easy steps with Testeer:

1 Create Q&A assessments the easy way

Creating a new assessment has never been so easy!

Give it a name, choose the desired role, select the number of questions and the end of the assessment’s availability.

No need to worry about the Q&A questions, they will automatically be selected depending on the role you chose, and shown to candidates successively, ordered by difficulty.

You can also add a personalized presentation of the assessment that candidates will see when they land on the assessment page.

2 Invite all candidates to participate to the assessment

Add all the candidate’s emails into your newly created assessment, write an invitation email with a subject and the email content. 

Just after clicking “Create the assessment” button, all candidates will automatically receive the invitation by email, with a link to the assessment page.

They will then be able to read the assessment’s presentation and  begin the assessment.

3 View the assessment's results in your dashboard

In the assessment tab, you can see useful information about your assessment results:  how many invitations were sent, how many candidates completed the assessment and what are the average result. 

In a blink of an eye, you will be able to see all your assessments. Clicking on an particular assessment, you will see more details.

4 Select the candidates with the best score

For each assessment you can see detailed results from all the candidates, ordered by best results.

You can easily see the best and more technically knowledgeable ones. 

You can then export the results into an excel file and continue the selection process with the candidates you chose from the assessment results.

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