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What Testeer is doing?

Testeer is a tool that helps recruiters to easily select technically skilled candidates from all the applications they receive for a job offer.

Testeer enables you to create technical Q&A assessments to test the knowledge of front-end developers.

With Testeer, you can easily create an assessment and invite all the candidates that applied to a job offer, to complete it.

You can see the result for every candidate that have completed (or initiated) a Q&A assessment, select the ones with the best results,and continue further the recruitment process.

With Testeer, you can spot the best candidates more accurately and faster than with the traditional approach of selecting candidates through their CVs.

What are we offering?

We offer credits.

A credit is an intent made by a candidate to do the Q&A assessment, after licking the link from the invitation received by email.

You buy credits in bulk and can use them as you wish with your assessments.

You only pay for intents done by the candidates, not for the invitations sent or the assessments created.

               1 intent = 1 credit

The cost of a credit depends of the quantity that you purchase.


  1. You create a new assessment for a front-end junior developer position.
  2. You send an email to 20 potentials candidates, inviting them to complete the assessment.
  3. From those 20 invitations, 10 candidates click on the assessment link and make an intent to do the assessment,
  4. You then only get charge for 10 credits
  5. The cost for those 10 credits would then be $99.5 if you purchased 20 credits (9.95 each) or $89.5 if you purchased 100 credits (8.95 each).
We don’t charge by assessments, neither by emails sent. Only by intents done by the candidates.

1 intent = 1 credit

100 Credits
795 7.95€ per credit
25% saving
50 Credits
447 8.95€ per credit
10% saving
20 Credits
199 9.95€ per credit

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